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  • REMO was BOB thefirst time that the  cirneco could be shown at Crufts in theAV Imported class hounds in March 2013 and Marsala was Res  Best Bitch.


  • Remo won the World Winner title and BOB in Paris and BOB at the Italian Breed show in Volta Mantovana 2011
  • Icarus won the Grassobbio Club Show again in 2011- judge Todaro
  • Marsala was BOS at Grassobio 2011 and World Winner BOS in Paris 2011 – judge Tabò
  • Marsala Top Dog Cirneco 2011 in Italy
  • Bastia Umbra Italian Breed Show: Judge Nataletti
    Marsala BOB, and debut for two youngsters – Toto’ best Young Dog and Uliva’ best Junior. Toto’ and Marsala Best brace out of the three braces in the cirneco ring.Fedra’s daughter Uliva gained her first podium at Bastia Umbra winning BIS Junior and Toto’ was BIS 3 in the young dogs final ring.
  • Bastia Umbra International, Judge Miglietta: Exactly the sames results for our three dogs as the previous day under judge Miglietta in the morning with Marsala and Toto’ BIS 3 brace in the afternoon.



  • Icarus was Top Dog in Italy 2010
  • Remo followed his 2010 European title and top dog 2010 in the UK
  • Euro Dog Show Slovenia 2010: BOB/CAC/CACIB European Winner Hadranensis Remo; Best Junior of breed, European Junior Winner Cy’Era Noor di Hadranensis; Best Puppy of breed Hadranensis Ara; Best Cirneco brace: Hadranensis Fedra& Hadranensis Remo


  • Eurodogshow Dublin 2009: BOB/CAC/CACIB European Winner Hadranensis Fedra; June 2009 Volta Mantovana – Italian Breed Championship Show BOB Hadranensis Fedra
  • Raduno Grassobbio 2009: BOB – Hadranensis Icarus di Sari Tamas – BOS – Hadranensis Nubia di Enrico Cera, Giudice: Vincenzo Todaro
  • Expo International Friburg Svizzer 2009: BOB – BOG 3 Hadranensis Fedra


  • Euro Dog Show Budapest 4/10/2008, Judge; Kirsi Laamanen (Finland): BOB/CAC/CACIB/European Winner – Hadanensis Fedra; Best Young dog/European Youth Winner – Hadranensis Nubia; BIS 3 Brace – Hadranensis Icarus and Hadranensis Athena (Judge: Peter Harsanyi (Hungary)
  • Hungaria Sighthound Club Show 4/10/2008, Judge; Bitte Ahrens (Sweden): BOB/Club Winner/CAC Hadranensis Fedra; Best Young dog – Hadranensis Nubia
  • Como National Dog Show 28/09/2008: BOB/BOG 3: Hadranensis Fedra; BIS Young Dog: Hadranensis Nubia; BIS Hadranensis Breeder’s Group
  • Monza National dog Show 21/09/2008: BOB/BOG 2: Hadranensis Fedra
  • Italian Breed Championship Show Volta Mantovana 2008: BOB/BIS 2 Hadranensis Fedra
  • Cirneco Raduno/Club Show Grassobbio – 16/03/08, Judge/Giudice – Candida Falsina: BOB Hadranensis Isotta and BOS Hadranensis Icarus



  • Cirneco Raduno/Club Show – Prova di lavoro/work trial Grassobbio – 18/03/07 Hadranensis results: BOB Hadranensis Fedra, BOS Hadranensis Ferrari owner Cy’Era Cirnechi, Hadranensis Giorgia 1st CAC Work Trial, Saitta Ris.CAC Work Trial


  • World Dog Show Poznan: Best in Show Breeder’s Group (out of 54 groups); BOB & World Winner Hadranensis Dora and BOS & World Winner Hadranensis Ferrari
  • BIS1 Breeder Group Class Milan International January 2006


  • BIS1 Breeder Group Class Erba International December 2005
  • Raduno Razze Italiane / Italian Breed Championship Show
    Mantova September 17th 2005: BIS Breeder’s Group; Ris BIS puppy 3-9 mths/mesi Hadranensis Hermia; BOB Hadranensis Dora


  • Top Dog Cirneco in Italy 2004 – Selene